Friday, June 06, 2008

Place In This World

"Their cries... ascended to God. God listened to thir groanings... God [never forgot] His [promise]... God saw what was going on... God understood." Exodus 2.23-25 (MSG)

hey sojourner, your circumstances do not determine the sovereignty of God. trust his word over your feelings. separate emotions from truth. see, there are no right or wrong emotions, all these are understood by God. he may or may not agree with what you feel, but he perfectly understands them all. however, it's that very property of emotions (being neither right or wrong) that invalidates them to be the basis of anything, much less decisions/indications of God's relationship with you.

that's why when you look at elijah and david, God allowed them to pour out their emotions to him, he didn't invalidate what they felt, but at the same time he did not use it as a basis of dealing with them. he just allowed them to vent it all out, and then what he did next is what should catch our attention - he washed them over with the truth when they were already sober from their bout of emotion.

he told/corrected elijah that there were still a lot of worshipers of God, he rebuked him to go back to what he's supposed to be doing all along as a prophet. he talked to david and reminded him of his identity in him, such that what he did cannot be tolerated but at the same time God assured him of his presence always.

so God is always there guarding you in his hands, knowing perfectly how everything he made works - not primarily for you, but really for him. you can ask from him to fill your personal time with each other with a greater and deeper revelation of himself to you, and you can always expect a "yes" to that prayer.

keep on keeping on, because the master is at work in his best craft - running the lives of everyone and everything surrendered to him - and we are all created for his goals to be accomplished. life here on earth is not really about our happiness (our happiness is in heaven, life there in heaven spending face-to-face sinless time worshiping him, and enjoying everything he has prepared for us). no, life here on earth is all about his happiness to see what he wants done done. and when you see it this way, you'll know that life here on earth is just a teeny tiny bit of time compared to eternity that we'll spend in heaven with him - just a bit of time for us to worry about his happiness here on earth, and the whole endless, nonterminating, forever forever time that he's taken care of our happiness with him there in heaven.

so as we learn to flow WITH him, to really live FOR him, ABOUT him, and seek and run after what makes HIM happy, what makes HIM smile, that's where we find OUR meaning, significance, and fulfillment, the very "revelation" that we're looking for in our quiet time.

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