Sunday, August 09, 2009

Spammer Schmammer

In order to help fight spam and spare your contacts and you from spammers, exercise caution in using and distributing email addresses. Learn some start-up email etiquette for internet users like you.

1. Don't reply to spam.

2. Don't click on any link in spam.

3. Don't send mass emails / forwards.
- don't fall for chain letters, petitions, etc. NOTHING MYSTICAL WILL HAPPEN. Most of these are just started by spammers to harvest email addresses.

4. Scrutinize Mailing Lists, Forums and/or Guestbooks before joining/posting anything with an email address.

5. Use BCC for extremely necessary group messages.
- If you REALLY have to send important mail to a number of people, place their addresses in the BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) instead of the TO field. Write ONLY your own address in the TO field. This way, everybody gets your message but they only see your address.

6. Clean-up your important forwards.
- If you REALLY have to forward a message, COPY AND PASTE the content to a new message and leave all the unnecessary clutter of address lists behind.
- Follow the previous guideline (#5, use BCC) in entering recipient addresses.

7. ANONYMITY is key.
- You don't like your home address being publicly listed, right? Neither should you publicly expose someone else's electronic address.

8. Do your homework. Check out the following links:
- Your E-Mail Responsibility:
- Use BCC:
- How Can I Prevent Myself from Getting Spam?
- How to prevent spam:
- Google this: how to prevent spam
- and this: choosing a good email address spam

'Nuff nag, 'nuff spam.

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