Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Luke 1.57,64-66 (MSG) Elizabeth's neighbors and relatives, seeing that God had overhwlemed her with mercy, celebrated with her. As soon as her husband Zachariah's tongue was loose, he was praising God! A deep, reverential fear settled over the neighborhood, and everyone who heard about it took it to heart, wondering, "Clearly, God has his head in this."

This is God's way of redeeming your situation! In your healing and deliverance from that sickness; in your healing and supernatural strength amidst your busyness; in your deliverance from financial trouble and uncertainty; in the salvation and work of the holy spirit in that loved one's heart; in the raising-up and stability and loyalty of your family and especially your kids to God; in God depositing his spirit in you and a heart that will never depart from his word and mouths that will never stop repeating what he says in you; in God miraculously raising lush gardens out of your barren lands; in him making your hands productive - everyone, everyone - from that relative you're at odds with to your close friends, from people at your workplace and neighborhood to your faraway loved ones, from those believers around you to those who taunt your Christianity to death, to your family and sphere of life everywhere - everyone will say that clearly, God has his head in this.

That's how powerful our God is. He accomplishes his word and changes us all for the better. When he works out what's best for Him, what's best for us happens.

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