Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Full Force

2 Corinthians 13.3-4
You'll get the full force of Christ, don't think you won't. He was sheer weakness and humiliation when he was killed on the Cross, but oh, he's alive now-in the mighty power of God!

to our hearts that may keep asking God for proof of his miracles no matter how he keeps giving them, to our minds that are always bombarded by the enemy with doubt and unbelief, to our circumstances that lurk behind our breakthroughs - THEY'LL GET THE FULL FORCE OF CHRIST! your healing is permanent! you can only get better from now on! your personal, family, relational and financial breakthroughs - from your physical miracles to God's perfect timeliness in your life - they're all PERMANENT! your strength and wisdom are permanent and can only keep increasing from God! JESUS took your weakness, humiliation, sickness, lack and all when he was killed, but HE'S ALIVE NOW! FULL FORCE WITH YOUR HEALING, PROVISION AND SECURITY, ALL IN THE MIGHTY POWER OF GOD!

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