Sunday, December 06, 2015

He Is At Work!

1 Samuel 25.28
Forgive my presumption! But God is at work in my master, developing a rule solid and dependable. My master fights God's battles! As long as you live no evil will stick to you.
oh praise you, God! praise you for being at work in everyone who follows you, developing your call in each of our lives to be solid, trustworthy and dependable that we can stake everything on following you knowing full well that what truly matters is in you, that the things of this world we might think we are giving up are rubbish compared to you, your goals, your pursuits, your purposes. you are the one who fights our battles so we know right from the beginning we will never lose to anything - anything at all that tries to take over our lives. thank you jesus that as long as we live following you, only your goodness will stay us!

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