Thursday, October 20, 2011

It's All Because of You

1 Timothy 1.14
Grace mixed with faith and love poured over you and into you. And all because of Jesus.

all because of jesus, you're healed! all because of jesus you're secure. all because of jesus, you're strong. he has POURED ON YOU what? grace! all the grace you need! grace to keep you healthy, to keep you healed, grace to keep you on track and consistent, grace to keep you well-provided for, grace to spare and protect you from the plans of the enemy, grace to give you peace in the deepest troubles go through, grace to keep you amazed and in awe of your rescue, not knowing how everything turns out for the best, but just knowing that God took care of it all, grace to believe and keep believing! he poured over you and in you Faith and Love so you can flourish in your health, relationships, provision and strength! thank you, God!

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