Thursday, February 27, 2014

All About You

Deuteronomy 28.9
God will form you as a people holy to him, just as he promised you, if you keep the commandments of God, your God, and live the way he has shown you.
truly you are a covenant-keeping God - the only one perfectly capable to conceive of something perfect as well, for us and your whole creation to live by, that serves your best purposes and at the same time makes sure the best happens for us as well, because when the best happens to you, the best happens to us as well, and you are the one who makes sure that all things are truly the best - in your infinitely good and capable judgment, in your realm, in your space. thank you that we get the chance to partake of you, to have a life, to have you in our life, to be with you. thank you lord!

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