Thursday, February 13, 2014

Promise of Identity

Deuteronomy 26.19
a people set high above all other nations that he's made, high in praise, fame, and honor: you're a people holy to God, your God. That's what he has promised.
your promises is not just blessing, your promise is an identity - something that could never be stolen from us, something that the enemy could never take away from us, something that could never be touched! this identity is our security, our identity in you as the people you have saved, the people you love, the people you wrote an abundant and wonderful future for, a people set apart from everyone else not to think highly of ourselves but to think highly of you, our God, our reason for living. you are the reason for all praise, fame, honour - and yes, we will be in a position of praise, fame and honour in our work, in our vocation, all because of you! when we follow you and obey you by grace and live out your ways, you take care of our testimony from our homes to our places of work, wherever you have called us to be. what peace, lord!

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