Monday, February 22, 2016

Full Worth

2 Samuel 6.14
danced with great abandon before God.
what a wonderful gift, God! what a wonderful thing to be able to throw ourselves at you with great abandon and just use everything we have to celebrate you! to express our gratitude, to bring you joy, to honour you, for you to be the centre of our everything, to be the very air that we breathe, to be our very existence, for everything else to disappear and just be all about you, be giving you the worth that we can and magnify you in our mind, heart, being. thank you for the ability to connect with you in this supernatural way, to focus all of our thoughts, to pour out all our emotions, to use up all of our strength in giving you praise, in celebrating you, in choosing your joy and encouragement over everything and in all things! thank you, thank you, God, woohoo!

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