Sunday, February 21, 2016


2 Samuel 6.11
God prospered Obed-Edom and his entire household.
your presence is all that matters, God! your presence blesses, your presence heals, your presence brings peace, your presence brings you in the midst of the storm! thank you for making us recognize that we don’t really need the storm to calm down, we just need to be with you in the storm and it will not even matter. thank you, God, that our outer circumstances and situations pale in comparison to you, to our inner disposition with you, to our inner walk with you. thank you for this insane order no matter how chaotic and upside-down the world may be. most of all, though, thank you for being so generous, for living such an open-handed life, for showing us how to bless others and be generous to them. how amazing, jesus, how amazing!

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