Friday, May 06, 2016

Mirrors of Heaven

2 Samuel 19.27
But my master the king has been like one of God's angels: he knew what was right and did it.
what a way to serve others! whenever we do what is right, we get to point them to you! whenever we learn the right things from you and do them well and live them out, people get their eyes pointed towards you, they can’t help but see how much like you we are equipped to be, how much love we can give because of the love you gave us first. thank you for such a high privilege to represent you to everyone around us just as you were represented to us by those who’ve gone before, by sharing with us the love that you generously bestowed on them so we get to experience it first-hand and then be able to give it away to others, as well - on earth just as it is in heaven. wow!

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