Thursday, September 14, 2017

No Check!

2 Kings 12.15
And no one even had to check on the men who handled the money given for the project - they were honest men.
wow, what inspiration! this is the kind of people we want to be! thank you, holy spirit, that because of you this is possible! thank you that we can be good people, doing good things, living good lives that bless people around us, live out the purpose you made us for. thank you for giving us the capacity to be entrusted with earthly things, spiritual things - it lets us be a great vessel of your goodness to other people, we get to be a conduit of your blessing - blessings that bring no sorrow with them, blessings that are pure joy! thank you that we get to be light to those around us. how you live, how you love and think, lord. amazing!

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