Tuesday, October 31, 2017

A Nothing Life

2 Kings 17.15
They lived a "nothing" life and became "nothings" - just like the pagan peoples all around them.
oh wow, total depravity - when we dissociate ourselves from you. there really is nothing that we can be apart from you, lord. our whole worth, our whole significance is on you, is on who we are because of you. our entire purpose in life is yours, because you are the one who gave us life. wow, lord, the truth that you have is what gives truth to us, makes sense of our world, made the world that we know possible no matter others may think or say. may we never break away from being fully dependent on and defined by you. you’re the only one who was ever meant for us to follow, to call our lord, our master, our saviour, the one who calls the shots, the one in the place of authority in our hearts.

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