Saturday, September 17, 2011

As Ever

Colossians 1.6-7
The truth of what God is doing is as vigorous in you now as when you first heard and recognized it.

amen amen amen! God's word of healing is AS VIGOROUS IN YOU RIGHT NOW AS EVER! it is CONSTANTLY AT WORK, always effective, never missing a beat, and never giving up, always giving hope, always touching your body, soul and spirit! God's specific word of healing, flourishing relationships and you and your loved ones abundantly provided for IS AS POWERFUL in you and your life right now as when you first learned it! it is constantly and continually in place, at work, effective and transcending! IT IS THE TRUTH that rules your life! the power of God's truth working in your strength, thoughts, great deeds and love is as revolutionary in you now as when you first experienced it. KEEP KEEPING ON!

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