Friday, September 23, 2011


Colossians 1.18

He was supreme in the beginning, and he is supreme in the end. From beginning to end he's there, towering far above everything, everyone.

wow. what else can we ask for? God was supreme when you first heard about your previous condition, God was supreme when you first made that decision to put him first no matter what in your life, God was supreme when you first trusted God to give you strength and wisdom, and HE'S STILL SUPREME NOW and IN THE END! from the very beginning to end, HE'S THERE WITH YOU, greater, bigger, more powerful, more sovereign, more in control, towering FAR FAR ABOVE your decisions, circumstances, situations, things you're not even aware of, your doctor, your boss, your colleagues, family, friends, enemies, people, principalities, powers - he is far above EVERYTHING and EVERYONE!

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