Friday, September 30, 2011

Come Together

Colossians 2.10
When you come to Christ, his fullness comes together for you. His power extends over everything.

when you came to God for your healing, his fullness came together for you! his own completeness and sufficiency came together and MADE YOUR HEALING HAPPEN! his power extends over EVERYTHING! from what you're feeling to everything that presents itself against what His word established, they are all under his power! when you came to God for your life to be put together, his FULLNESS CAME TOGETHER FOR YOU! and every single day since then, he has come together for you! he pulled all the ends together and made sure that as you put him first, everything else that you need will follow! the great mystery of chasing after the right goal in life - him - and your health, finances, relationships, family, provision, minor and major things are all taken care of, because his power extends over everything! God guarantees your strength, provision and security as you come to him, because he makes sure his fullness lets your life come together for you. thank you God for being sovereign, your power extending over everything and everyone!

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