Saturday, October 29, 2011


2 Timothy 2.19
God's firm foundation is as firm as ever.

amen! the word of God is as sure as ever! the very words that are AT WORK in you body, healing you every moment, strengthening you and giving you the air you breathe, the blood that flows through your body, the health and life that live through your organs and rejuvenate and enable you ARE AS FIRM AS EVER! the word that works for your provision 24/7, the very words that give you security, the word that you hang your hope on for every moment of your life, the word that called you alive, well and fruitful ARE AS FIRM AS EVER! the word that gives you favor, the word that makes you strong and wise, the very word that you place your full trust on IS AS FIRM AS EVER, will never be shaken, will never be overthrown, will always prevail and will always be the most powerful and above anyone and anything else! amen and amen!

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