Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Mark It

Joshua 4.6-7
so you'll have something later to mark the occasion. When your children ask you, 'What are these stones to you?' you'll say, 'The flow of the Jordan was stopped in front of the Chest of the Covenant of God as it crossed the Jordan - stopped in its tracks. These stones are a permanent memorial for the People of Israel.'"
we will mark the occasion. we will be deliberate in not forgetting, lord. we will be deliberate in remembering your work. your presence, your favour that is always with us we will not take for granted. we will sear each moment big and small onto our hearts, branding our inner man with all you do, who you are. we will not stop with ourselves, we will pass the report on to the generations - both physical and spiritual. the spectacle of who you are and what you do, in the grand and in the subtle, it's all you. and we will build permanent memorials of stone, solid and hard and unweatherable by time, so we will never forget how good you are and the good things you did. we love you lord.

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