Monday, June 16, 2014

Rest And Land

Joshua 1.13
Remember what Moses the servant of God commanded you: God, your God, gives you rest and he gives you this land.
yes lord, we will always keep your word in front of us. we will take every effort to remember, to not forget, to deliberately take all possible measures in our daily lives so we will never let go of your truths and promises in our minds and hearts until they grow deep in us and take root and bear fruit and weather any stormy weather. you are the one who gives us both rest and land - both time to recover and the provision. wow, lord! they always come in pairs, and it's not just the provision, it's not just the rest, it's always rest and the land to go with it. truly, lord, our security is in you. as we partake of both your rest and your provision, this is our biggest statement and act of trust. we love you lord.

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