Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Panic World

Joshua 2.24
They told Joshua, "Yes! God has given the whole country to us. Everybody there is in a state of panic because of us."
when you give us something, lord, nothing could stand in the way. when you let go of a word of blessing or a word of promise from your lips, no amount of spiritual interference could ever keep your word from coming true, your promise from happening fully and perfectly and abundantly! all the principalities and powers of this world that are going against you and what you ordained are in a state of panic because of who we are as you said and called out to be. when you say something lord it's always, always as good as done, and done perfectly and well. when you give, you give in full, never lacking, never incomplete, always beautiful, always true, always perfect, and we could definitely count on it!

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