Thursday, April 09, 2015


1 Samuel 2.26
But the boy Samuel was very much alive, growing up, blessed by God and popular with the people.
this is how we get to have life! not just spiritual life, but physical life! this is how we grow - not just spiritually, but in all things from relationships to provision, from capacity and influence to creativity - when we are blessed by you. thank you for your blessing, thank you for your gift. thank you that your favour rests on us when we rest in you, when we put our trust in you and you are our security. thank you that we have the chance to partake of your blessing, for what you did so we can get back into your favour and live the way you want us to, follow you and get to live out the purpose and destiny you have so greatly prepared for us. thank you for groing our stature, our sphere of people who we get to serve and love from just because your are good and generous.

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