Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Tell Me Everything

1 Samuel 3.17
What did he say? Tell it to me, all of it.
yes! such a thirst for your word, lord, for your truth - be it hard to hear at times or even just well-founded calls in our lives. thank you lord that by your grace we are able to have such hunger for you, for all that you have to say, not missing anything, not wanting to miss out on anything when it's you. God thank you that everything you have to say is always full of life, always fruitful, will never run out, will be forever inexhaustible, will be deep enough for us to keep drawing from it, a well that never runs dry. thank you that you are always generous and always full of love no matter if it's a word of discipline or a word of encouragement or a word of truth - it always, always build up. always something to look forward to and long for!

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