Sunday, April 19, 2015


1 Samuel 3.7
This all happened before Samuel knew God for himself. It was before the revelation of God had been given to him personally.
thank you, God, that you reveal yourself to us. otherwise we would never know who you are let alone know the sound of your voice. thank you that you work in our hearts and minds for us to understand you and know you, appreciate you, see what you do, feel your work, get to be part of your work, be you to others around us. thank you for personally giving yourself to us, such a great act of generosity that we can mirror to other people, we can freely give to those around us so that they get to be introduced to you as well and know you for themselves as you give yourself to them personally. amazing, God, how you thought of this we will never know but we will forever be grateful that you did and are continually doing it.

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