Saturday, November 05, 2011

Promise Keeper

Titus 1.2
This is the life God promised long ago - and he doesn't break promises!
oh Lord amen! amen! this is the LIFE God promised loooong ago, and HE DOESN'T BREAK PROMISES! it's the same life that he gave you before anything even started, before all this started to unravel, and it's the SAME PROMISE that STILL HOLDS TRUE TODAY! and will keep being fulfilled forever, because God never breaks his promises! you are healed, you are strong, you are well taken-care of, you are specifically and specially shaped for his bidding, nothing will overcome his reason why he brought you to life! THAT'S why he can guarantee his promise and THAT's why he makes them all in the first place! this is the abundant life, provided for and protected from all attacks that he gave you LONG AGO, and HE KEEPS EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM! every single rhema word that struck your spirit, every single circumstance that arrested your thoughts to his word, every single Word that you latched on and hung on to - HE WILL NEVER BREAK ANY ONE OF THEM! God's immense strength and life that he has saved you into long ago is a PROMISE THAT HE WILL NEVER BREAK! your health, strength, provision and wisdom that he has given long ago, he will keep on giving and will keep standing true to it, because HE DOESN'T BREAK HIS PROMISES! amen!

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