Thursday, November 03, 2011

Just Look Over Your Shoulder

2 Timothy 4.1-2
God is looking over your shoulder. Christ has the final say on everyone, living and dead. So don't ever quit.

amen! God is looking over you, taking good care of you, watching you at every moment, never letting you out of his sight! he will not allow you to be robbed by the enemy, he will not allow anything and anyone to triumph over his word of healing for you! over his word of fruitfulness and provision and abundant life for you! over his word of strength and wisdom and grace for you! JESUS HAS THE FINAL SAY ON EVERYTHING and EVERYONE, LIVING AND DEAD! from your body parts to your circumstances to your situations to your paycheck to your schedule to the people around you, HE HAS THE FINAL SAY! his favor rules, you are forever healed, forever provided for, forever strong! so DON'T EVER QUIT! stick to what you've always believed in, keep on going!

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