Wednesday, November 02, 2011


2 Timothy 3.17
Through the Word we are put together and shaped up for the tasks God has for us.

through the word you are put together! again THROUGH THE WORD YOU ARE PUT TOGETHER! amen amen amen! through the word you are healed! through the word the cells in your body are shaped up! by the sure, unmistakable and spot-on promises of healing from God you are made whole, healed and alive and well and prosperous and flourishing! nothing, no one, no sickness, no circumstance can ever trump God's purpose for you! that's why he sends his word because it puts you together, makes you whole so you can do exactly what he wants for you! that's the whole, complete horizon, WHAT HE WANTS YOU TO DO! so nothing can ever come between that - not even what we think, feel, know, or even our reality that goes against that, no his purpose, his design always prevails! what he said, he backs it up, and with his word he put you together, alive and well! live it, claim it! THROUGH THE WORD YOU ARE PROVIDED FOR! put together and shaped up to be the best you that God has purposed you to be! THROUGH THE WORD YOU ARE STRENGTHENED! made wise! put together, whole, not scattered into shambles, but shaped up and robust, capable for the tasks that God has for you! amen lord!

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