Friday, February 03, 2012

Building Forward

2 Peter 1.5
Don't lose a minute in building on what you've been given.
thank you for everything you gave us, God, thank you for the health, the safety, provision and protection that only you can give! today we DECIDE not to take these things for granted. we will LET THEM GROW, we will LET THEM SHAPE OUR MINDS, LET THEM INFLUENCE EVERY AREA OF OUR LIVES, we will BUILD ON what you gave and BE WHAT YOU GAVE US! we will CHANGE OUR THOUGHT PATTERNS by filling our MIND with YOUR WORD, choosing to focus on WHAT YOU GAVE and NOT what we DON'T HAVE! we will FOCUS on WHAT YOU TOLD US WE ARE, not who WE think we are or even are NOT. we will focus on YOUR ABUNDANCE, not our PERCEIVED LACK, we will ARREST EVERY THOUGHT THAT RUNS COUNTER WHAT YOU PROMISED! we will pervade our every moment with YOUR faithfulness, your promise of GRACE and PEACE, our fruitfulness, provision, flourishing relationships that all come from YOU. thank you lord, for making all this possible, we will put them all to use!

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