Sunday, February 05, 2012

Got It

2 Peter 1.5
Complement your basic faith with spiritual understanding.
thank you lord that spiritual understanding is something we CAN complement our faith with! because you asked us to do it, that means we can! thank you for your holy spirit, by whom we CAN UNDERSTAND ALL THINGS SPIRITUAL! thank you lord for giving your words MEANING in our hearts, for giving your words POWER in our lives, for giving your words FRUITFULNESS in our endeavors, for giving your words as TIMELY HELP for out situations, for allowing your words to WORK FOR US and our redemption! thank you lord that we CAN MAKE SENSE of your word and IT CHANGES OUR LIVES FOR THE BETTER! thank you lord that we can understand it and GRAB HOLD of it and SEE IT FLOURISH and PROSPER in our lives!

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