Sunday, February 26, 2012

Powerless Sin, Powerful Life!

1 John 2.12
I remind you: your sins are forgiven in Jesus' name.
what a great reminder! thank you thank you lord for setting us free from the HOLD of SIN in our lives! thank you lord, for setting it straight - sin is not being GOOD or BAD, it's MISSING THE POINT! when we don't do or use something the way you intended it to be, when we live our lives not in the way you want us to, you HATE THAT so much because we're MISSING OUT ON YOUR BEST! how YOU want things done is the BEST! that's why you hate sin so much because it HURTS us, ROBS us of our best. it's US you love! thank you for PAYING FOR OUR SIN, so we can GO BACK TO LIVING THE WAY YOU WANT US TO! thank you thank you lord! we're forever guilt-free, forever grateful, forever HAVE THE FULL CHANCE TO BE AT YOUR BEST!

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