Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Passionate Patience

2 Peter 1.6
Complement your basic faith with passionate patience.
thank you lord! that we can be Passionate and Patient at the same time! yes, God, we will stay on course, stay on track, be consistent and hold on, keep the faith NO MATTER WHAT! we will keep on obeying you, keep doing what you want us to do, KEEP DOING THE RIGHT THING! not lose hope, but all the more be fervent with what we are waiting for, because YOU are the One we are waiting on, and each day longer that we wait brings us CLOSER THAN EVER to YOUR PERFECT TIMING! not one moment is lost as we wait in prayer. thank you God for giving us the opportunity to lift everything up WITH ALL OUR MIGHT as we SECURELY wait on You. THAT is the best.

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