Friday, December 13, 2013

His Kids

Deuteronomy 14.1
You are children of GOD, your God.
thank you Lord for blessing us with your name, for calling us your own, for giving us an identity in you, an identity that precedes us and covers us with your presence, your very own stamp of approval, protection, fruitfulness, grace and empowerment, the life you have so wonderfully made for us by the life that you have - an abundant life, a life that weathers any storm, a life that can never be touched by the enemy not because of who we are but because of who you are, a life that can never be destroyed, is always victorious, always provided for, always watched over by you. praise you for such generosity, for such security in you, a life that is peaceful in the midst of storms, a life that is always above the water, no matter how much water there is. blessed be your holy name!

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