Sunday, December 15, 2013

Set Apart

Deuteronomy 14.21
Because you are a people holy to GOD, your God
this is the linchpin of it all, the very reason why we are special and so forth -it's you, God, us being set apart for you, distinguished for your purpose, for who you are, for the one we live and adore and live for and exist for. because we are holy to you, our God, our one and only God, because we are created with such a high calling, a life that is unlike any other, we are sure and secure of your grace, your mercy, your provision, your goodness, your protection, your everything! what a life, Lord, what a hope-filled life, never defeated, always on top, never untouched both in and out, always loved, forgiven, empowered, blessed, generous, positive no matter what. praise you Lord!

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