Saturday, January 18, 2014

By Your Side

Deuteronomy 17.19
That scroll is to remain at his side at all times; he is to study it every day so that he may learn what it means to fear his God.
oh God truly your word is our lifeline. we could never do without your word. we will keep your word at our side at all times, we will study it everyday so that we will learn what it means to put your first and take what you say with highest regard. we will look to your grace for us to apply what we read and study, we will look to you, jesus, who gives us strength to do all things. we will look at how faithful you are and how powerful your word is, not at how unfaithful we are and how weak our will is. you are the one works in us and wills us by your never-ending grace. praise you lord!

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