Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Deuteronomy 20.8
Is there a man here who is wavering in resolve and afraid? Let him go home right now so that he doesn't infect his fellows with his timidity and cowardly spirit.
thank you God that not only are you perfectly understanding of how fear tries to strike us at all times and in many different ways, but even more important you are also more than gracious to bless us with wisdom on how to deal with it, to make sure that we don't let it grow and multiply in our lives, in our hearts, and let your truth and your word take root in our being instead. no matter how real fear presents itself, we will not deny it, but we will give much more importance to your truth, our security in you and what you say, and we'll make sure we stick with people who deal with life the way you want us to as well.

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