Saturday, April 11, 2015


1 Samuel 2.35
Then I'll establish for myself a true priest. He'll do what I want him to do
this is how it is to be with you, to have life - by obeying you, by following you. we do what you want us to do, we follow what you say, we learn about your heart so you don't even have to say anything and we will already know what your next move is. this is the way we become more like you, and this is how we get to fulfill our purpose. we are at our best when we are following after your heart. we are at the best place of our lives when we are at the centre of what you want to happen and your grand plan. thank you lord that we don't even have to figure everything out, we only have to follow what you say and everything will fall into place. what a shift in perspective but all possible because of your grace.

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