Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Build An Altar

1 Samuel 14.35
That's the story behind Saul's building an altar to God. It's the first altar to God that he built.
God, no matter how we mess up, thank you that we always have the chance to turn back to you and turn back on whatever we've done. thank you that we have the chance to change our mind about it and focus on you letting us move on. thank you for the grace for us to grow from our failure and for you to make something great and beautiful out of it. what would we ever be without you? thank you that with you we can keep going, we can commune with you because of what you did out of such deep love. thank you that you never run out, you never fail, and this faithfulness is our hope, our strength, our will. you truly deserve all praise from our heart and lips.

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