Friday, August 21, 2015

Listen, Listen, Listen.

1 Samuel 15.22
He wants you to listen to him! Plain listening is the thing, not staging a lavish religious production.
thank you for this, lord, thank you for such a clear word on what you want - for us to listen to you. listening to what you have to say is our main thing, lord. more than anything that we could offer you, our attention and teachability are the greatest, most important thing. when we take a stance of always being ready to do what you say, always ready to spring into action at your slightest whim, our feet already yards ahead of our mind in following you and walking in your direction, our calendar already pre-booked with time with you, time for you, time by you, our decisions already made beforehand with you, for you, by you, our hearts already beating to your rhythm way before our ears hear it, lord.

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