Monday, January 25, 2016

All for One, One for All

1 Samuel 30.23
Families don't do this sort of thing! Oh no, my brothers!" said David as he broke up the argument. "You can't act this way with what God gave us! God kept us safe. He handed over the raiders who attacked us.
amazing revelation of what family is, lord! family will always celebrate the win of some as the victory of the whole! thank you for planting us in family, jesus, thank you for your sovereign and grand design. thank you that we can be in natural and spiritual families, lord, what a privilege! may we never take it lightly. ever. your wisdom is always on display, your goodness is always at work. thank you that because of you we can move beyond selfishness, bitterness, bickering and be generous, truly joyful when celebrating others, working for more than just ourself, loving you above all and loving others as we follow you. wow!

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