Saturday, January 09, 2016


1 Samuel 28.6
Saul prayed to God, but God didn't answer.
wow, lord, what a great lesson to learn about prayer - that it's a conversation, it's a dialogue between two individuals, it's a back-and-forth of us coming to you and you answering. thank you for giving us a way to commune with you that's not just a one-sided affair, not just us giving you a list of what we need, what we want; thank you that prayer is something that's always with us because you are always with us, you are always revealing your heart, your thoughts, your ways, who you are to us. thank you Jesus for what you did, for giving us an unbroken connection back to you, for reuniting us with you and bringing us back into the relationship that you've always created for us. we're overwhelmed with gratitude.

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