Saturday, January 16, 2016

I Don't See It

1 Samuel 29.6
So Achish had to send for David and tell him, "As God lives, you've been a trusty ally - excellent in all the ways you have worked with me, beyond reproach in the ways you have conducted yourself. But the warlords don't see it that way.
thank you for this assurance, lord, that when we follow you, that is all that matters. some people may see it differently, others my be thankful for it, but whatever the case the only that truly matters is that you are being put first in our lives, you are the one restoring order, you are the one being loves and followed, which lets us love on everyone around us unconditionally. thank you that you are the one who fends for us, you are the one who makes us earth-useful while we focus on being heaven-bound. truly your ways are unbelievably higher than ours.

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