Thursday, January 07, 2016

How It Got To Be

1 Samuel 27.6
This is how Ziklag got to be what it is now, a city of the kings of Judah
this is the kind of favour we have from you, lord. because of your grace that allows us to follow you and your ways, we get to bless everyone around us and pass on the favour you've given to us to them not just personally, but as a whole in such a great way that even history gets changed, places get named of what you've done and who you've created us to be. what a huge impact you make, and thank you for letting us be part of what you do, thank you for the opportunity to take part in blessing others as you bless us. what an expansive life, indeed, only in you, jesus, by you and still for you. thank you also that the impact lasts generations, blesses even those who will come after us, just as those who've gone before us blesses us now as we all follow you.

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