Monday, December 11, 2017

Facts and Truth

2 Kings 19.17
The facts are true, O God: The kings of Assyria have laid waste countries and kingdoms.
wow, God! no matter what the facts are, they don't ever upstage your truth! it's actually so good to see all the facts, because the impossibility of the natural highlights your possibility even more! thank you God that we are not limited by what's going on in the natural realm, what's going on in the physical lives we're living in - we get to see the miraculous, the supernatural every single day that we breathe, every single day that we get to keep living in and with you! we don't at all ignore the facts, no - they are even a testament to your greatness - the impossible showing your possibility, and those that agree with you are mere displays of the good you have conceived before time even began!

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