Thursday, December 07, 2017

Listen and Revere

2 Kings 18.12
All this happened because they wouldn't listen to the voice of their God and treated his covenant with careless contempt.
oh God may we never take what you say lightly! may we never be so careless with what you say, lord! may we keep our wits about us as we daily live so we don't ignore your ways, your heart, how you would deal with situations, how you would want us to keep spreading your goodness, lord. may we daily walk circumspect, celebrating the joy of being with you but always being aware of and careful to live by your word, your heart, your purpose, your plan. may we always keep trusting you, revering you, respecting you and what you have for your creation. may we never tread the dangerous line of thinking we know better than you. oh God, thank you for grace!

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