Thursday, December 28, 2017

No Surprises Here

2 Kings 20.9
God is doing what he said he'd do
wow, God! thank you that your word is more than guarantee enough - it's all the proof we'll ever need. your word is good as done, your authority does not need to prove itself. thank you that you always follow through, and what you say is always good! you do only good things, and they for sure always happen - you carry it out to the letter, regardless of time, circumstance or anything else. everything begins, happens and ends in you, through you, for you and by you. thank you that we get to be part of all this, what a generous way to include us in your narrative. thank you, God, for touching us with life and letting others be touch by you as well through us.


Slc Nanny said...

Great work man i would like to congratulate you on this effort

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