Friday, December 01, 2017


2 Kings 17.41
As it turned out, all the time these people were putting on a front of worshiping God, they were at the same time involved with their local idols.
may we not fool ourselves into thinking that we're all about you when we're truly after no one but ourselves. God, always examine our hearts, minds, motives, actions and all - and always call our attention to things that we overlook, to our blind spots, to our incapacity apart from you. keep us humbly depending on you, your word, the collective wisdom of your people keeping us in check that we are still following you, so we never lose the significance that you made us for, we don't lose track of why we are here on earth, why we are in relationship with you, why we are in relationship with others. may we serve your purpose and no one else's, and bring your good to everyone and nothing but.

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