Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Right There And Then

Deuteronomy 7.13
He'll bless the calves from your herds and lambs from your flocks in the country he promised your ancestors that he'd give you.
this is how far God will go when it comes to fulfilling his promise of blessing, his end of the bargain to those who follow him and declare him their master - he will not only take good care of you, your spiritual and physical health and relationship with him and everyone he has created you with, but he will make sure that the hands he gave you will be fruitful more than ever; the feet he gave you will take root and be established; the land he has settled you in will yield its fruit and produce for you and the purposes he has created you to fulfill. all of these promised to everyone who came before you, who stuck with the same God that is now abundantly blessing you with and effortlessly keeping every single attempt of the enemy to kill, steal and destroy at bay, never an issue, non-disruptive at all. what a God!

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