Monday, September 09, 2013

Panic in the Enemy Camp

Deuteronomy 7.22
GOD, your God, will move them out of your way--he'll throw them into a huge panic until there's nothing left of them.
this is how God deals with anyone who goes against his followers, against those who love him and put him first and on top of everything and everyone else: he will move all who oppose him and his beloved out of the way, he has rendered them defeated and will has no trouble enforcing his victory on all aspects - physical and spiritual, at all times - past, present and future, everywhere and with anyone. God is not afraid of anything, he never lacks anything, he is always more than enough, more than sufficient, always infinitely more than what has already been, what is, and what will be! God could easily throw your enemies into a huge panic and cause their destruction intended upon you to fall on them instead. that's just the way it is - whatever he builds, no one, not a single one, could ever destroy. and you are his creation, his workmanship, the one he so carefully built, forever making sure it stays that way.

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