Monday, September 30, 2013

Consuming Fire

Deuteronomy 9.3
Your God is a consuming fire. He will destroy the nations, he will put them under your power.
what a God you are, jesus! how you work! how honourable, how mighty, how powerful, how praiseworthy, you strike fear in the hearts of those who are going against you, and shower love on those who go after you and your word. thank you lord that you have dealt with our enemies, you have defeated those who have gone against you, for we do not war against people - we war against the spiritual powers of this world, powers that you have long defeated, God! jesus thank you for what you did on the cross, you put absolutely all these forces under your feet, and because of our relationship with you, under ours as well! with you we are victorious, we are conquerors, we are victors, we are secure and sure in your consuming fire, leaving absolutely nothing and no one except those who call you lord!

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