Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Just As He Said So

Deuteronomy 9.3
You will dispossess the nations and very quickly wipe them out, just as GOD promised you would.
sweet words of assurance and victorious security in you, God - just as you promised I would! my adversaries are long gone, threats of death, theft and destruction are no longer an issue, because through your promise i will dispossess them and very quickly wipe them out! thank you lord that anyone who goes against what you want will never prosper and have effectively wiped themselves out. because of your promise i have no fear, i have all peace, i have nothing to worry about because you are the one pulling out all the stops and going all in fulfilling your every promise, every single word right down to the last letter! this truth, YOUR truth is what i anchor my security on, what i anchor my decisions on, my emotions on, my happiness and my joy on, simply because they are YOUR word, and they will happen JUST AS YOU PROMISED.

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