Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Every Single Thing

Deuteronomy 10.14
Look around you: Everything you see is GOD's
oh God everything around is yours. that's how great you are lord, everything is yours! we have nothing to fear, we have nothing to worry about, because what you own, you control, and everything and everyone around us that tries to go against you will never ever succeed because you are in perfect sovereignty, in true ownership, not to boss around but to take great care of in your compassion, wisdom and justice! amazing God, that the whole universe - all we can see, even the problems we see with our own eyes, the challenges we perceive with our own mind, the troubles and difficulties we feel with our own heart - and even the joy and successes we celebrate with our bodies and lives - they're all yours, all in your hands, the whole world secure in you, in your love, in your identity. amen!

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